Casey Lipka

4 Ways to Create Successful Opportunities as a Musician

FREE Live Workshop with Casey Lipka
THursday February 3rd @ 12pm PST

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to create other streams of revenue in addition to albums and concerts
  • Learn what offers are, why you need them, why they’re important and how to integrate them into your music business
  • Gain a sense of confidence that you know exactly what steps to take to generate income for yourself as a musician in order to live sustainably and pursue your art with freedom
  • How to beat perfection and overwhelm in order to make forward progress and take action
  • Walk away with my three step system for creating successful opportunities as a musician

Tuesday February 3rd @ 12pm PST

About Me


Casey Lipka, is a bassist, vocalist and music maker. She enjoys fostering creative musical experiences through community and collaboration. Currently a member of the band Dear Darling and Solabel, Casey loves creating memorable concerts and empowering musicians in their creative ventures. 

Casey Lipka