My Story

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Casey Lipka is an in demand bassist, vocalist and composer. She was a founding member of Cave Women, a band whose music defied categorization, toured with CAKE as their bassist, has composed music for the ballet dancers & museum installations, fronted an 18 piece Motown Orchestra performing Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell music, and has been a driving force behind too many other projects to list.


Lipka is currently focusing on her own music, writing and recording it. Her aim is always to keep it creatively out of the box and to make it meaningful, sparking, she hopes, “a conversation of some sort.” Her music is sometimes free-floating and ethereal, sometimes earthy and soulful, but whatever it is, she keeps it REAL. Mainly, she says, it’s about reaching people. Her music is either jazz-pop, or pop-jazz, you’ll have to decide for yourselves.