The Concert Curator

Concert in Review: Free Workshop on How to Sell Out a Concert

FREE Live Workshop with Casey Lipka

In this workshop you will learn:

  • My method for finding the perfect venue for concerts
  • The exact approach I use when reaching out to venues
  • How I negotiate with venues for concert performances
  • The exact script I use to communicate with venue owners
  • Pros and cons of self curating a concert vs. partnering with an established venue
  • Tools you can immediately implement¬† to secure the venue your next concert
  • Feel confidence in your ability to create the performances that fit your musical art

Wednesday December 8th @ 4:30pm PST

About Me


Casey Lipka, is a bassist, vocalist and music maker. She enjoys fostering creative musical experiences through community and collaboration. Currently a member of the band Dear Darling and Solabel, Casey loves creating memorable concerts and empowering musicians in their creative ventures. 

Casey Lipka